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Movements Require People, Not Money

Committed groups of passionate people organizing their efforts for good – that’s the foundation of social good. Their voices and money have built the world’s most caring organizations to what they are today. To drive real social change means inspiring a movement of just such dedicated people. Through entertaining stories of real-life examples, Feldmann highlights why now is the time to mobilize everyone’s assets for good – and how to do just that.

Finding Relevancy for Movement-Building

Movements blossom when enough believers find a cause impossible not to get involved in. This level of public awareness and active support comes from an organization’s ability to hook into their desire and inspire them to act – with a ready pathway for doing something. In this popular session, Feldmann guides leaders to a better understanding of what makes people respond and how to ensure every person feels the desire to act.

Cause Engagement in a New Era

Activism is outpacing donations and volunteerism, changing traditional philanthropy forever. We’re seeing shifts especially in how and why millennials – America’s largest living generation – get involved in causes. What is influencing these shifts, and what can we expect in the future? Feldmann explores the new role of causes today and how the mindset of doing good is changing.

Social Movements for Good

Based on his book by the same name, Feldmann shares his secrets along with the inside stories of how companies and nonprofits have been part of today’s most successful social good movements. You’ll learn about the leaders behind these movements, the individuals who responded (and why), and the strategy and support network you must have in place for movements to succeed.


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